Current knowledge on capacity building for climate services an empirical study using C3S blended trainings

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Capacity building is essential to ensure that key stakeholders appropriately use climate services. The current state of knowledge on climate services between climate service providers and end-users on capacity building, connecting them on one-way collaboration. The need for capacity building to understand, use and deliver actionable information is increasing, because more climate data is available and accessible in several web portals. Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) is considered a climate service and a source of data for the development of potential climate services. C3S includes a User Learning Services (ULS) component. Blended training was designed building on the current state of knowledge regarding capacity building, focusing on improving understanding and use of climate data. After one year of blended training experience, trainers observed that trainees had difficulties in designing case studies delivering actionable knowledge. The literature argues that focusing on understanding and using climate data is not enough to provide actionable information and decision tailored climate services. Therefore, we assessed educational design principles used in current climate service training programs and their intended learning outcomes as well as how they relate to climate services for actionable knowledge. 

Maria del Pozo

Lecturer and Researcher, Wageningen University

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