DRAFT overall recommenations_29May2020

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Nadine Sander

Programme assistant IHE Delft partnership programme, IHE Delft

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Ilke Borowski-Maaser 9 months ago

Hallo, sorry to have missed the session last week. I agree with the recommendations and I think they are important. Further I'd like to call for more specific phrases, and maybe including examples. I am aware that this may be considered difficult as it features different examples, but itwould make the recommendations itself much more tangible. Also, the target group of the recommendations is not clear: do they go to the funding bodies of projects? Then it should also include some recommendations on where to put more money. By now- to put it bluntly- it reads merley like (another) list of nice things to do. Of course, it might be that I missed out the other developing parts of the recommendations.

I think that it is important to communicate the systemic scale of capacity building and improving sustainable water management. One presenter in the recommendations' session (Jean-Marie Onemar) said "it is the champions who make the difference, but the instiutionalisation which sustains the partnership". I think this is important to spell out: we need both. We need to build capacity because we need training which creates champions willing to make the difference, and we need institutional learning and funding structure so that partnerships keep evolving and working together. This could be stronger highlighted.

That's from my side for now. A big thank you to open up this process, and to set up the online conference in this way- I really do appreciate it, in particular that you took the challenge to provide new opportunities such as combining asynchron and synchron participation. Thank you again!

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Nadine Sander 9 months ago

Thank you Ilke for you comment, very useful. I am going to take your input into the final version of the recommendation document. 

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Jully Ouma 9 months ago

Dear Nadine,

I wish we could add some elements of funding from the local government to facilitate capacity building. This will enable sustainability of it in every country.


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Nadine Sander 9 months ago

Thank you Jully for you comment, I will add this. It is indeed something that came foward in the presentation and discussion. 

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Jully Ouma 9 months ago