Drilling Raising professionalism in water well drilling through a myrad of methods over 15 years

To meet the SDGs for drinking water, professional groundwater development is essential. Alas, many countries have major capacity gaps in this regard. Partners of the Rural Water Supply Network Sustainable Groundwater Development theme have spent over 15 years tackling this enormous challenge.

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Kerstin Danert

Director, Ask for Water

Water specialist, researcher & facilitator with a focus on rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa and groundwater.
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about 1 year ago

Even if, Parteners of the Rural Water Supply Network Sustainable GroundWater Developement have spent 15 years in implementation of the projects and programs and investing a lot of budgets for trying to ensure access to water and sanitation for all by explain by UN in SDG 6 that the clean water is basic need and should be easy accessible to all with out positive results .It's means that the countries have to evaluate those kind of Programme or Projects in Water Sector.

By for me ,we my experience with the community ,first of all we have to increase the skills and knowledge of our community on this UN Goal with 2030 .The community has to understand the problems relating to the water scarcity ,flooding,storm and sea-level rise in incleasing.

Based on my experiences in water Sector and my after my analysis  ,I know that the problems of climate change will take a considerable place in education and training to the young people and adult persons for helping them to be familize with all those challenges.And finally  the community members themselves will be involved in contributing for Rural water management with consideration for future generation .