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about 1 year ago

hello Benbella. Many thanks for highlighting the challenges of POs in North Eastern Uganda which I find cross-cutting in developing economies. I can see that you have made some concrete recommendations. I was wondering to what extent have you communicated your recommendations? Have you considered sharing with the policymakers and relevant ministries who are the main drivers?

I am asking this because now it is time for actionable recommendations. i.e. going beyond putting in writing. 


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about 1 year ago

Hi Muhammad,
Many thanks for appreciating my contribution. Yes, we have placed this work before the relevant stakeholders and Policy makers at the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda. We already see see that some reforms in ensuring quality water service delivery in communities which were initially left out is improving in North Eastern Uganda. We will continue to sell this work and ideas to like-minded professionals and stakeholders in the sector within the country.