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about 1 year ago

The recommendation are timely, inclusive, doable and well done. Sorry, I am not clear about how international partnership/collaboration may be expanded to build and/or enhance capacity of institutions inside a concerned country. Would you share a mailing list of participants/organizations?   Stay safe and well

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about 1 year ago

Suggested Fine Tuning (in bold)

On partnerships:

Action:  Strengthen skills to ....., including leadership and facilitation competencies, human relationship skill, and the ability to handle social and cultural differences.

Strategy: Partnerships are dynamic.... There should be room to experiment and learn from different kinds of partnerships, focusing on common aspect of their respective vision and mission.

Innovation:  The key corner stone shall be the dynamic and trusting relationship among the Capacity Developer, the Scientific Community  and the Implementer; with the opportunity for the Youth to be represented in all the three groups.


On engaging local actors:

Strategy: ....Carry out co-engaged learning, virtual learning, peer review, benchmarking, sharing of information and knowledge, and synergising resources.

Innovation: ....(should include politicians)