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Daniel Daniel

PhD, TU Delft

Daniel is currently working as PhD researcher at TU Delft. He conducts fieldwork in a rural area in Indonesia in 2016-2020. His topic is about the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) system in an indigenous - rural area in Indonesia, which focus on the household water treatment behaviour, sustainability of WASH service, and water quality at the household level. Daniel is very enthusiastic about the issue WASH in low-middle income countries and behavioural research in general.
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about 1 year ago

Hello Daniel,

I watched videos and learned a lot from your research. People always argue that most systems fail because the primary stakeholders (consumers in this case) are left out in the design of the systems. In your findings, how do you see the involvement of all stakeholders from the design stage through the implementation? What do you think is the *best way* to go about it?