The Dynamics of SDGs Goals 6 towards Local Action Implementation

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The Dynamics of SDGs Goals 6 towards Local Action Implementation

Local and regional governments around the world consider the 2030 Agenda a once in a generation opportunity to trigger a true universal transformation. We are committed to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through our day-to-day work as the level of government that is closest to citizens.  The achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals will not be possible without their full ownership at local level and by civil society. 

The implementation of sustainable development agenda or SDGs is regulated through the Presidential Decree No. 59/2017 on The Implementation of SDGs Achievement and strengthened at the local level by the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No. 86/2017 and No. 7/2018 , It showed that the government has indeed tried to show a strong commitment , including connecting and integrated  a large number of SDGs  target and indicators to the National Medium Term Plan (RPJMN).

National governments should consider ambitious legal and administrative reforms to facilitate multilevel governance, strengthen sub-national governments’ capacities and reduce the different institutional gaps (administrative, fiscal, and political).

Until the end of 2018, the coverage of drinking water in Indonesia only reached 73% and is targeted to be 75% at the end of 2019

Local Government is a key player to achieve the Agenda 2030 including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  SDGs as a process of empowering Local Governments.

The journey towards the achievement of the SDGs has just begun and that results will not be immediate, we are also not able to predict the urgencies that will be faced by our communities in this changing world. However, that whatever the challenge local needs must be at the heart of our work and must complement national policies and global visions.

Indrarini Tenrisau

Senior Advisor on Water Resources Management, UCLG ASPAC

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