Track 7: Cases from the field

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Anna San Llorente Capdevila

Community Manager, IHE Delft

Alumni of IHE Delft from the Master's programme of Erasmus Mundus Groudnwater and Global Change - Impacts and Adaptations. Academic background starts with Bsc in Marine biology and Oceanography at the Unviersity of Southampton. After graduating she moved onto collecting further science experience in various fields: ranging from hydro-geology, engineering, to citizen science. Alongside her science skills she has always been an advocate science communication, and for this reason she is now working in Science Communication at IHE Delft.
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about 1 year ago

Many of our recently graduated students are unable to return to their home countries for the foreseeable future due to Coronavirus. To help them use their time productively and keep them motivated, IHE Delft quickly devised a programme of interactive career development online workshops. IHE staff and a couple of guests speakers address topics including CV writing, increasing your visibility through social media, interview techniques, leadership, academic and projecct proposal writing and reverse culture shock. The crisis has been a catalyst for IHE Delft to start developing a portfolio of lifelong learning products for our alumni, addressing the non-technical but equally important subjects. Every cloud....