Should governments, NGOs not invest more in self supply and household wells? By investing in training of the local private sector, supply chains of affordable WASH technologies build up and so help to reach SDG6 and related SDGs Henk Holtslag. SMART Centre Group

Henk Holtslag on May 27, 2020
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It is proven, HOUSEHOLD WELLS = RURAL DEVELOPMENT. All farms in Europe had their own well for domestic use, the garden, life stock. 45 Million handpumps for farmwells were sold in the USA. Studies say: families with a well earn $100 to 500 more per year than families without a well. Experiences in Zambia: families with a well share water with an average of 50 people so "family owned becomes community served" and households maintain the pump!. If shallow wells are contaminated, a $ 25 household waterfilter makes water safe to drink. Even poor families are willing to invest in their own well (self supply). With new (SMART) technologies cost of a well and pump are $100 to $300. So why are NGOs, Governments not investing more in capacity building of local entrepreneurs?