For how long will this portal be available? I find there are many interesting conversations going on but I cannot cover all of what I am interested in within the 3 days.

Jacqueline Muthura on May 27, 2020 • 3 answer
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This question has no further details.


Oh, same here. It would be very nice if it was possible to keep it available for a while. Reading and writing down thoughts take much more time for me than listening and talking face-to-face.

Anne Mojen on May 28, 2020
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You can visit the portal for at least the next two weeks during the course of which we will also host the Webinar on South-South cooperation (June 2) and a recording of the high-level panel discussion to be held on June 4 and posted here later. You can also comment on the emerging Delft Agenda - see:

Catherine Cotton on May 28, 2020
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Very good question, is important to know, we need to read, select conversations,

Jorge Cifuentes on Jun 02, 2020
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