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Capacity development and sustainability of the water resource

Started 11 months ago

The beverage, food, mining, large hydroelectric projects . They must be more responsible with the use of water, and support in water treatment systems. Watershed management at the municipal, national, and regional levels in the public and private sectors

It's time that the industrial and manufacturing sectors allocate certain amount of their budget towards water demand management, particularly in research on how to continuously reducing the water footprint.  And such effort should be granted financial incentive by the government.  And one of the important criteria is that such research findings shall be made public for sharing with others, as well as for bench-marking.  

Yes, but why financial incentive by government? has to be part of the operation cost and investment, is "knowledge community " way to make business.  Speacially in countries with very low taxes, small goverments with not enough funds. Subsidies, high taxes, financial incentives are not competitives.