Track 1 Wed 27 May: Bridges and barriers in capacity and implementation

Track contributions

Approaches to building bridges and overcome barriers? From my own experiences, how we can overcome the barriers especially for professionals from developing countries, with low level of mentoring? I will like to share some of my experiences, some of my emails sent to some global experts I never get a response or acknowledgement for personal reasons known to them anyway.

Started 11 months ago

Hi Adegbite

Nice to hear from you. In southern Africa we are finding tht co-engaged research and co-engaged processes work well. This means that the researcher, or mentor, works with people to address the issues. It means we all learn together and avoids the power-gradient of an expert to people or development expert to local profesisonals. I hope this helps.


Thnaks for your response. May I asked if you have a working model that, other can adapt? I am aware for sustainability and implementation of a project, the users must be involved in all stages of project cycle. So, I will like to ask if we have some models?

I do not have a 'one size fits all' answer. Tried to document experiences, and I notice that it is often about creating a vision for change, and a setting where it is safe to learn, and then working on that, which may be in parallel tracks, and then interlinking these tracks.