Track 6 Wed 27 May: Accelerating knowledge sharing

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Fostering Partnerships for Greater Impact: Cap-Net Experiences on Water Knowledge and Capacity Development

Started 11 months ago

Hello everyone, Happy and excited to be a part of this track!

Before entering into the title mentioned above in Cap-Net experiences, these are some initial thoughts to stir our minds;

What Partnership means? Does it mean differently for different contexts and projects? How do partnerships work? What are the key dimensions that foster partnerships?

In order to understand further on partnerships, it will be important to evaluate the breadth and depth of the partnerships, key challenges, and best practices. 

Looking forward to share more and to a rich discussion...

Yes good secene setting comments Indika.

A primary question that is part of the context and project aspect, is an initial agreement on why an organsiation wants to be in partnership with others - essentailly what is the purpose of being in a partnership?  That needs gto be clear at the outset and, in my experience, then other elements of healthy partnerships can readily form and evolve

Thanks! Piet Filet,

Exactly, when the purpose is clear, all partners play their roles to achieve a common goal.  

In accelerate knowledge sharing, collaboration is very important as the knowledge evolves and integrates from the global level to local, and across the sectors, across the different boundaries. 

Knowledge sharing impacts are always seen as a result of a collaborative activity, and cannot be solely attributed to one organization or individual. 

It seems we are supposed to post on the exact session room, correct? However, hoping to a rich discussion and interactions in all 3 sessions.