Track 7 Thur 28 May: Recommendations

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Track-7 follow up on Recommendations

Started 11 months ago

Dear Track-7 contributors

We would like to thank you all for the nice presentations today and for the fruitful discussion.

Please use this conversation area to post further contributions to the Lessons Learned and Recommendations which will be part of the final document of the CapDevSymp to be shared with the international water professional community.

The ppt with the lessons learned and recommendations discussed live today and the panel video recording will be shared with you soon here in the platform.

Best wishes, Raquel and Emanuele

Dear Emanuele and Raquel, thank you for last week's exciting discussion.

In slide 3, lessons learned, point 1 - I would recommend adding to the technical knowledge and ability to identify problems and solutions, the need to understand the context where the CapDev intervention takes place. 

In slide 4, recommendations, point 3 and 5 could be merged as there seem to be similarities when recommending to approach activities considering learning styles. 

Hope this is helpful

Kind regards


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