Track 8 Wed 27 May: How to improve data re-use: from data acquisition to capacity development

Track contributions

Ways for an improved coordination of investments in the water monitoring sectorr

Started 11 months ago

Better coordination between bilateral, multilateral and private sector investments in water data and tools could provide synergies and reduce unnecessary spending.

An example in the water sector are the long-operting data centres federated within the GTN-H that offer a long-term commitment to global (mostly) in-situ water observations (some of them since decades). Their data are widely used by scientific communities. Of course there are many more examples, in particular from space agencies and space-borne observations.

- Can external funding for monitoring and capacity building help to encourage beneficiaries to share data with the data centres and the global community to address local and global problems?
- Are there best practice examples of how this is a long-term benefit of external funding from which nations benefit?
- What are good ways to monitor the impact of observational networks, databases or data sets for decision-making and capacity development?