​Track 8 Thur 28 May: Data and tools for water applications

Track contributions

How does 'more data' impact education and capacity development? I think Educators and Capacity Development experts also need to start using a more data-driven approach. There is more and more data available about what knowledge water professionals are interested about, what content is more sought after and by who. This data should shape also the agenda on capacity development in the water sector. This data should become more actively part of the capacity development assessment needs

Started 9 months ago

I think not just “more data” effect on education and capacity development, but the integration between data is important. E.g. in developing countries there are enormous data but it is separated between the different institutes and sectors and no direct links, also the satellite image provides big information and data, to cum up need more and integrated data for capacity development   

@sadik , I agree with you. Better Data integration and analysis is necessary if we want to move into undestanding of issues and better decision making.  There is an urgent need within water organizations and loval, regional an national authorities to have a better capacity to collect, integrate, analyze and visualize data for better decision making.  But also this require a capacity to work beyound the border of isolated organizations & sectors. And this is usually a big challenge.