Anna San Llorente Capdevila

Community Manager, IHE Delft
Henk Holtslag

Advisor, SMART Centre Group

We disseminate so called SMARTechs, being Simple, Marketbased, Affordable, Repairable Technologies like manual well drilling, EMAS en Rope pumps, Tube groundwater recharge, household water filters etc. An example is the rope pump, a simple hand pump: 130.000 installed worldwide. However a lesson learned is, "Simple is not easy". There were many failures due to construction errors and the wrong introduction of this pump. Also simple technologies need to be of good quality and need good management. That is why we started SMART Centres, WASH training centres in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and starting in 5 other countries. These centres train the local private sector in technical and business skills. We think that building local capacity in affordable WASH technologies and approaches is a very, if not the most cost-effective way to reach SDG6 in rural areas but also to reach related SDGs for poverty, food and employment. Interested? Read the paper "SMART centres". See; . Looking forward to learn from and cooperate with like minded organisations and people.
Kometsi Khotle

Independent Consultant, Individual

M M Sheikh

Associate Profeoosr, Govt Lohia College, Churu

Marko Keskinen

Associate Professor, Aalto University


Director, Figueres Consultancy

Adegbite Afeez Ayoade

Director, Academic Planning, Ogun State College of Health Technology, Ilese Ijebu

Susan Thomschke

Research Fellow, PhD student Geography, University of Bayreuth

Neha Khandekar

Doctoral researcher, ATREE

Bronwyn Powell

Program Director , International WaterCentre

Bronwyn Powell is an Australia and Asia-Pacific based ‘pracademic’ bridging the practitioner and academic spheres. She has worked in over twelve countries with university centres (currently with International WaterCentre), private consulting firms and international NGOs . Bronwyn is driven by a desire to build capacity and apply evidence-based practice in WASH and WRM, and in so doing improve equity between developed and less developed countries.
Mohamed Ahmed Najemalden

Givermental employee, Minstry if environment

Md Shibly Sadik

Associate Specialist/Post-Doc Researcher, Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)

I work in the field of environmental compliance, disaster management, and strategic planning. Currently, I am working on understanding adopting actors' and implementing actors' behavioral actions towards participatory water management.
Md. Shams Uddin

Social Safeguard Specialist, Bangladesh Forest Department



Raquel dos Santos

Education Facilitator (eLearning focus), IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

I am part of the IHE Delft eLearning Support Team which has the mission to support and inspire academic staff (and partners) to produce and deliver high-quality online education to water professionals from all over the world. I have been working for IHE Delft since 2008. Currently, I work as Education Facilitator supporting academic staff and partners in developing online and blended courses/programmes and in using eLearning tools to improve education (e.g.: Moodle and OCW – see Sometimes, I am also involved in WASH capacity development and research projects, due to my background in the field of Water & Sanitation.
Emmanuel Kwabena Opoku

WASH Coordinator, Pos Impact Foundation

Roshan Paudel

Lecturer, Acme Engineering College

Gladys Chipalabela

Community Development Manager, Seeds of Hope International Partnerships(SHIP-AFMAC)

Dr. Eshwer Kale

Senior Researcher, WOTR Centre for Resilience Studies (W-CReS), Pune

Judith Kaspersma

Department Head Flood Risk Management, Deltares

Viacheslav Manukalo

Head of Standardization Section, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute

I have a PhD in Land Hydrology. At present I am the Head of the Standardization Section of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute (UHMI) and the Hydrological Advizer of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine with the World Meteorological Organization. UHMI is the leading Ukrainian scientific organization in the areas of meteorology, climatology and hydrology. For a long time I worked as the Deputy Director of the State Hydrometeorological Service of Ukraine. Besides, I have an teaching experience; I worked as As. Prof. in the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. I have expertise and experience in the field of: a) developing methods and technology of hydrometeorological observation, forecasting and warnings; b) developing approaches of providing end-users with hydrometeorological products and service, including, results of scientific researches; c) developing education programs in the area of hydrometeorology.