Raquel dos Santos

Education Facilitator (eLearning focus), IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
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About Raquel dos Santos

I am part of the IHE Delft eLearning Support Team which has the mission to support and inspire academic staff (and partners) to produce and deliver high-quality online education to water professionals from all over the world. I have been working for IHE Delft since 2008. Currently, I work as Education Facilitator supporting academic staff and partners in developing online and blended courses/programmes and in using eLearning tools to improve education (e.g.: Moodle and OCW – see https://ocw.un-ihe.org/). Sometimes, I am also involved in WASH capacity development and research projects, due to my background in the field of Water & Sanitation.

Areas of expertise

Capacity development and innovation Drinking water, sewerage and sanitation Institutions, governance and management

Areas of Interest

Education Impact monitoring and learning frameworks Knowledge sharing in and among organisations, and in civil society South-south collaboration

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Research or education institution, academia

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Track 7 Thur 28 May: Recommendations

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