Md Shibly Sadik

Associate Specialist/Post-Doc Researcher, Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)
  • Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)
  • Bangladesh

About Md Shibly Sadik

I work in the field of environmental compliance, disaster management, and strategic planning. Currently, I am working on understanding adopting actors' and implementing actors' behavioral actions towards participatory water management.

Areas of expertise

Capacity development and innovation Coastal and delta management Institutions, governance and management Water resources management

Areas of Interest

Knowledge sharing in and among organisations, and in civil society The science of implementation Water security in deltaic areas

Your work place

Research or education institution, academia

Intro Content

Exploring Community Adoptability of Participatory Water Management: An Application of the MOTA Framework

Adaptation of MOTA Framework to Complement Implementation of Participatory Water Management Plan of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.