Peter Cookey

Senior Lecturer/Researcher, IHE Delft, the Netherlands

About Peter Cookey

Peter Cookey has two major missions to direct a synergy between policy (governance), science and technology in the drive towards innovative, effective, practical, affordable, applicable, acceptable and replicable sanitation and water research solutions that could meet the needs of the population at the base-of-the-pyramid (BOPs) and hard-to-reach-areas (HTRAs), and also provide products and services for the marketplace and entrepreneurial investments. He believes in the far-reaching effects that transdisciplinary studies and research could have on solution discovery in sanitation and the SDG 6 and is an avid advocate for synergizing science, technology and governance in order to achieve improved service and access expansion in sanitation towards contributing innovative, practical, effective and cost-efficient solutions globally.

Areas of expertise

Capacity development and innovation Drinking water, sewerage and sanitation Institutions, governance and management Water science and ecosystems

Areas of Interest

Development of non-cognitive skills and attitudes Education Impact monitoring and learning frameworks Knowledge sharing in and among organisations, and in civil society The science of implementation

Your work place

Research or education institution, academia

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