Claudia Wendland

  • Germany

About Claudia Wendland

As a civil and environmental engineer, Claudia Wendland has been active in the water and wastewater sector in Germany and abroad for over 20 years. She is working with the German water and sanitation utility HAMBURG WASSER where her focus is on water operators` partnership projects. Before, she worked with the NGO network WECF, implemented water and sanitation projects in rural areas of 20 countries in the last years and brought the experiences on EU, UNECE and international policy. She finalised her doctoral thesis at Hamburg University of Technology about “Anaerobic digestion of blackwater and kitchen refuse” as part of new sustainable sanitation concepts in 2008. As project manager in the EU project on water re-use in Mediterranean Countries (EMWater), Claudia Wendland was involved in all project activities such as the on-line trainings, the regional training and planning of the pilot plants from 2003-2007.

Areas of expertise

Capacity development and innovation Drinking water, sewerage and sanitation Institutions, governance and management Urban development

Areas of Interest

Gender Impact monitoring and learning frameworks Knowledge sharing in and among organisations, and in civil society The science of implementation

Your work place

Water utility


Rooms participated in:

Track 4: Cases from the field