Ruth Webber

Manager Communication Office, IHE Delft

About Ruth Webber

I have been Manager of the Communication Office of IHE Delft for 5 years, a role which I love for its diversity, pace and the opportunity it presents for me to meet water professional and others in related fields from all over the world. My experience before IHE Delft was in the private sector, consulting small to medium sized companies about communications and marketing. The reason I love working at IHE Delft is that everyone - staff, students, PhD fellows - is motivated by the same passion: to improve the global water situation in all its aspects. Developing knowledge and capacity in this sector is critical to start meeting the enormous challenges and we are proud to host this Symposium which will have some tangible outcomes, leading to action.

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Urban development

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Education Gender Knowledge sharing in and among organisations, and in civil society The science of implementation

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Research or education institution, academia

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