Jacqueline Muthura

WASH Capacity Building Specialist, VNG International
  • VNG International
  • +254710993379
  • Kenya

About Jacqueline Muthura

Jacqueline is an energetic and ambitious WASH expert with many years’ experience in complex development projects. Her work has focused on community organization and empowerment, civil society engagement and capacity building of WASH actors for effective service delivery. She has worked on assignments for the Dutch Government, USAID and GIZ pre-dominantly in Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan. In her recent role in a project for the Dutch Embassy in South Sudan, she succeeded to oversee the establishment and strengthening of community based management structures for over 700 decentralized water systems. She is convinced of the need for and viability of sustainable development even in fragile contexts. She is currently working with Civil Society Organisations in South Sudan to enhance citizen participation in water governance.

Areas of expertise

Capacity development and innovation Drinking water, sewerage and sanitation Institutions, governance and management

Areas of Interest

Development of non-cognitive skills and attitudes Knowledge sharing in and among organisations, and in civil society Managing conflict and negotiation The science of implementation Water financing

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Non-governmental or Community Organisation

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