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Anita D'Agnolo Vallan

Systemic change manager, senior expert in transferable capacities , InnoSuccess SRL

I am a senior expert in Systemic Development and Change, who has been working in the design and implementation of transition processes (from current ineffective situations to new desired and improved ones) since 2002: Supporting International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, public authorities and companies in the implementation of changes for sustainable development and growth, and coping with all forms of resistance. I spend most of my time in dealing with problems, at any level, and I understood that being successful is a matter of capacity. This is the reason why for the last 18 years I have been investing in building and developing the mine and other ones' specific knowledge and abilities.
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Go to the profile of Adegbite Afeez Ayoade
about 1 year ago

The presentation is beautiful. Can I have a copy for references ?

Go to the profile of Adegbite Afeez Ayoade
about 1 year ago

Toward the end of your presentation, you mentioned the use training modules, do we have some modules available? I am interested to develop training modules to focus on children  especially the vulnerables, less priviledges and handicapped ones, and they can be the agents of change.  

Go to the profile of Diana Milena Guio Torres
about 1 year ago

A great contribution to the discussion of what sort of competences are required both individually and in the system to steer change. Looking forward to get additional references.  By the way, have you seen the work of Wolfram on Urban transformative capacity? 

Go to the profile of José Raúl Pérez Durán
about 1 year ago

Presenter Anita D´Agnolo Vallan has shown how transformation processes cannot take de solely based only on a technologically driven strategy, without thinking on how users of technology will adapt and uptake the technology elements into their daily routine work and culture. If I may make the comparison between institutional and societal change processes in the light shed by the speaker, and real water sector project experiences in my country, the Dominican Republic, where we had been expecting a great transformation of traditional farmers to adopt modern irrigation systems, simply because great investments had been made to install such modern systems and deliver these free of charge to the farmers. These projects ended up in total failure, because farmers did not know why this was done, were not motivated, and some even were no longer interested in farming.

José Raúl Pérez Durán (INDRHI – water resources institute - Dominican Republic)