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about 1 year ago

the process Henk - to be catalytic and transformative - can be showacsed in Rebuild by Design and Water as Leverage - but it also needs hundreds and hundreds of networks of professionals working together - being integarted - learning from each other and acting locally.  So in terms of capacity building - a big process is to skill fellow professioanls and practioners to respond - al gore does it with his change ambassadors.

So in Australia - we have a multitude of networks to deals with local complex water issues and it buils momentum - but that investment in fellow practioners needs to be a lot more wide spread and seen to be grassroot lead to get the scale of change you recommend.

So where does the coalition of the high level & big profile initiatives meet the grassroots networks that are the engine room for change???  


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about 1 year ago

A question for Henk, the tendency to invest in "stupid" infrastructure for the short term financial benefits could be linked to political ecologies/political cycles in the South where the projects are done to gain political capital for prevailing governments. An example I notice in the Netherlands I see projects that are designed for 100 years (like the room for the river project) while our long term plan in Kenya (Vision 2030) is just about 15 years. How do we get the actors to transition from this to the longer term/mid term planning and investment in mid term projects?