Manual drilling with the SHIPO drill & installation of a rope pump

A video with a drilling method called "SHIPO drill" as used in Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Over 3000 wells have been drilled with this option for wells of 20 to 48 meters deep. Combined with a Rope pump cost of a system is 600 - 1200 US$ depending depth, casing etc.

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The SHIPO drill method is one of the SMARTechs disseminated by SMART centres.                                      It is a combination of sludging and percussion. It can also be combined with jetting by using a simple engine pump. The drill set is produced with local skills and materials and a drill set for well to 40 m deep cost around 1000 US$. To become a good driller with this technology takes an average of 2 times 2 weeks training and follow up 1 or 2 times. 

Henk Holtslag

Advisor, SMART Centre Group

We disseminate so called SMARTechs, being Simple, Marketbased, Affordable, Repairable Technologies like manual well drilling, EMAS en Rope pumps, Tube groundwater recharge, household water filters etc. An example is the rope pump, a simple hand pump: 130.000 installed worldwide. However a lesson learned is, "Simple is not easy". There were many failures due to construction errors and the wrong introduction of this pump. Also simple technologies need to be of good quality and need good management. That is why we started SMART Centres, WASH training centres in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and starting in 5 other countries. These centres train the local private sector in technical and business skills. We think that building local capacity in affordable WASH technologies and approaches is a very, if not the most cost-effective way to reach SDG6 in rural areas but also to reach related SDGs for poverty, food and employment. Interested? Read the paper "SMART centres". See; . Looking forward to learn from and cooperate with like minded organisations and people.
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