Mzuzu drill. A very simple drill technology for tube wells to 20 meter deep

The Mzuzu drill method combines augering, percussion and bailing. It can drill tube wells with diameters of 2 to 6 inch and to depths of 20 meters. Some 300 wells have been drilled with this option and cost of a well combined with an EMAS pump or Rope pump model 4 is 100 to 300 US$

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The Mzuzu drill is based on the conventional augering system but has several innovations like the use of a step auger so using the human weight if the soils is hard. Also it has a stone punch in case there are boulders of 3 to 8 cm in the first 6 meters. It has a short and light bailer combined with a tube instead of a rope. This bailer is to remove sand, loam gravel from inside the casing. The technology is so simple that people can drill a well themselves after a training of 1 to 2 days. No drilling mud or filter screen is needed.

This technologis is fit for approaches like "well clubs". So a group of 10 families who all want a well are  trained by a skilled driller for the first 2 wells. The remaing 8 wells are drilled by the families themselves so reducing the cost. In this way the cost of a well can be in range of 50 to 200 US$ depending on depth and casing diameter. Combined with an EMAS pump the cost of a complete well  of 10 to 20 m deep can be  100  to 300 US$

The drill set is produced with local materials and a drill set for 20 m deep cost around 300 US$

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Henk Holtslag

Advisor, SMART Centre Group

We disseminate so called SMARTechs, being Simple, Marketbased, Affordable, Repairable Technologies like manual well drilling, EMAS en Rope pumps, Tube groundwater recharge, household water filters etc. An example is the rope pump, a simple hand pump: 130.000 installed worldwide. However a lesson learned is, "Simple is not easy". There were many failures due to construction errors and the wrong introduction of this pump. Also simple technologies need to be of good quality and need good management. That is why we started SMART Centres, WASH training centres in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and starting in 5 other countries. These centres train the local private sector in technical and business skills. We think that building local capacity in affordable WASH technologies and approaches is a very, if not the most cost-effective way to reach SDG6 in rural areas but also to reach related SDGs for poverty, food and employment. Interested? Read the paper "SMART centres". See; . Looking forward to learn from and cooperate with like minded organisations and people.
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