PLENARY RECORDING: Challenges in Water Capacity and Implementation 1

Morning plenary of Wednesday 27 May.

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How do I engage in #CapDevSymp after the webinar?

Thank you to all participants who joined us this morning in the online opening plenary.

Speakers will continue to answer the unanswered questions below in comments. We advise all registered participants, those who joined online and those joining now to engage in the content of our platform.

Anna San Llorente Capdevila

Community Manager, IHE Delft

Alumni of IHE Delft from the Master's programme of Erasmus Mundus Groudnwater and Global Change - Impacts and Adaptations. Academic background starts with Bsc in Marine biology and Oceanography at the Unviersity of Southampton. After graduating she moved onto collecting further science experience in various fields: ranging from hydro-geology, engineering, to citizen science. Alongside her science skills she has always been an advocate science communication, and for this reason she is now working in Science Communication at IHE Delft.
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Go to the profile of José Raúl Pérez Durán
about 1 year ago

Messages from Henk Ovink and Oyun Sanjaasuren were inspiring and showed provided examples of facing different crisis and many challenges, but still being able to create solutions, reach sustainable development objectives or goals and how to adapt to climate change. The coalitions of partners is a great point and is essential to manage crisis.

In terms of financing climate change programmes it would be ideal to consider investments for hydrologic measuring networks. In my region, Latin America and the Caribbean, institutions responsible for managing these networks and providing hydro-meteorological information services  are sadly experiencing  a decline of stations drop-outs and poor dissemination of information due to lack of resources to install new stations, to cover costs of operation and maintenance, an limited personnel.


José Raúl Pérez Durán (INDRHI – water resources institute - Dominican Republic)

Go to the profile of Daniel Blesson Deo Silitonga
about 1 year ago
This explanation is very easy to understand, we learn a lot from the stories that have been presented.
Thank you very much.

Daniel Blesson Deo Silitonga M.Eng (Planning and Program division, BWS Sumatera V - Minister of Public Work, Indonesia)