Short courses on-line for water quality professionals

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Deborah V. Chapman

Director, UNEP GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre

Deborah Chapman is currently Director of the UN Environment GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre, based in the Environmental Research Institute at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. She established the GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre in 2015 to provide capacity development for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) global water quality monitoring programme, GEMS/Water. She has 40 years experience in research and teaching on water quality issues. In recent decades her research interests have focused on water resources management, especially recreational and amenity lakes and reservoirs, developments and current practice in design and implementation of water quality monitoring programmes, and human health risk assessment in relation to the use of freshwater resources and wastewater disposal. In her current role in the GEMS/Water Centre at UCC, she is responsible for the development and delivery of in-situ and on-line training courses on water quality monitoring and assessment at global level.
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