(Video) Blended Learning as a Solution to Institutional & Financial Challenges in Indonesia

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Driven from a national monitoring & evaluation phase, this study reviews the effectiveness of a ‘blended learning model’ in tackling Indonesia's sanitation implementation problems: an uneven level of knowledge amongst the local governments and lack of sufficient budget for continuous face-to-face assistance.

Klara Virencia

Communications Specialist, Royal Haskoning DHV Indonesia

As a communications specialist for the national Urban Sanitation Development Program-2 (USDP), I carry on journalistic duties in capturing success stories. In the spirit of encouraging replication of sanitation best practices throughout Indonesia, I collaborate with Capacity Building & Training division to prepare training materials, as well as with Knowledge Management division to write & disseminate success stories.
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about 1 year ago

This was very interesting for me. I have been working with and capacity building Civil Society Organisations and communities using a combination of channels (face to face, mentorship and coaching, technical assistace as they implement the interventions and peer to peer learning and assessments) which they then cascade down to their capacity building of community level structures, all this in a step wise manner to achieve incremental improvement over an extended period. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and accompanying restrictions, we have had to adapt to webinar trainings which is taking them abit to get accustomed to especially because I work with CSOs in remote and rural areas in South Sudan. They have trouble with assignments given online because online trainings require personal discipline and committment. I wonder if this was a problem and how you addressed this?

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about 1 year ago

Thank you for comments. Today (14:00-16:00 CEST), we will discuss the lessons learned and recommendation in the live session with the Track-7 participants.