Webinar: Role of institutions and research in dealing with uncertainty (Track 2)

During this webinar, we explored the role of institutions and research to deal with uncertainty. What are the links between partnerships and the water sector? What is the role of stakeholders in sanitation? Be prepared for an international experience, with cases from Brazil and India.

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Håkan Tropp (Moderador)
Programme Director Capacity Development/SIWI

He is a firm believer in multi-disciplinary research and building bridges between theory and practice. He has worked with OECD, SIDA and UNDP. Currently, he is the main responsible to lead the development of SIWI capacity development programming and partnerships.


Denise Moraes Carvalho (Speaker)
Postdoctoral Student/Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University

Denise is a Civil Engineer and holds a master’s degree in Organizational Strategy. She worked for many years in the areas of planning and control in an infrastructure sector private organization in Brazil. She also holds three MBA degree courses, in Controlling, Finance and Business Management. She lives in Curitiba, south Brazil, with her husband and daughter. 
Currently, she is carrying out a postdoctoral project focused on public policies for encouraging and fostering cross-sector partnership in developing countries. Her main research interests are Cross-sector Partnerships, Wicked Problems and Sustainability on the water and sanitation sector.


Ruchika Shiva (Speaker)
Country Coordinator/IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

Ruchika is the Country Coordinator for India. She is responsible for initiating and managing partnerships, conceptualising projects with partners to develop the India Country Programme of IRC. Ruchika is leading the work of IRC on building capacities of civil society organisations (CSOs) to influence local governments for WASH services. Prior to IRC, Ruchika worked with the India Chapter of Plan International for seven years in varied capacities. In the early stages of her career, she worked with grassroots organizations focusing on children in difficult circumstances.



Ana Alejandra Leal Lara

Water management & governance specialist, IHE-Delft

Hi I am Ana! I've worked on projects at the interface between environment and governance– creating enthusiasm, shaping networks and welcoming for new adventures! I am an Environmental Scientist and specialist in Water Management and Governance. Let's connect to create bridges between capacity and implementation in the water sector!
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